Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Birds

Earlier this afternoon the sky outside our house was filled by a huge flock of gulls. From what we could see they were all black headed gulls, probably with quite a range of ages but that was a little difficult to tell from down here.

We've no idea where they all came from as there must have been hundreds of them circling around the sky at both the front and back of the house. We normally have a fair few swifts up there this time of year but they all seemed to disappear while the gull invasion was in full effect. Even the usually brazen starlings made themselves scarce.

After about half an hour they'd all but moved on - love to know why they visited, it was quite spectacular.

Monday, June 30, 2008


Froglet, originally uploaded by mikiebrown.

Okay this one was a little bit freaky, even for a Friday.

It came to the end of the day at work and we were about to leave the office when someone remarked that there were hundreds of tiny little frogs hopping about the car park.

Now to see a frog outside the office wouldn't normally be that strange given that there is a large pond just beyond the car park and we're in the middle of the countryside, but when we actually got outside the path leading to the front door of the office was covered with the wee froglets. Not just the path either, the whole car park seemed to be covered with little jumping guys, making it seem like the gravel was moving.

For some reason most of us did our very best not to step on them as we made our way to the car, which took quite a bit of concentration ... not that it helped them too much when we drove off home causing a mini froglet massacre under the tyres of our respective cars.

Maybe they were trying to make an escape from the pond as I was lucky to see a kingfisher had decided to visit it, possibly not so lucky for them tiny guys.