Wednesday, April 25, 2007

First swallows

I do really love this time of year, it's like the whole countryside, village gardens and town parks have finally woken with life appearing seemingly at every new turn.

This lunchtime I watched the first swallows of the season I'd noticed return to the sky and buildings of my place of work. There were at least two swooping out from the farm buildings converted into offices, then across the small gravel car park to circle the pond then back again.
I'm hoping they may decide to nest close by, though they may just have been passing through on their way to their annual summer homes.

Last year we had quite a few highlights in the natural world to observe; a slightly confused deer on side of the A1(m) / A64 junction,
sights of red squirrel up at Whinfell Center Parcs,
two tiny but loud baby wrens in the bushes at the back of our garden,
and the magical hummingbird moths in Menorca.

As always I'll be keeping my eyes open and hoping for some more fantastic sights this extra special year.